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    Services Our Mannies Provide

    domestic 200x200I am a Domestic Mannie

    As a Domestic Mannie, my passion is to assist families to help make their lives easier. I provide a variety of services: housekeeper, personal chef, party planner, private driver, house sitter and house manager.

    child 200x200I am a Nanny Mannie

    As a Nanny Mannie, I am passionate about working with children to support your family. I provide a variety of babysitting: hourly, on-call, after school, and live-in or live-out services. I may also assist with other household functions, including, cooking, cleaning, laundry, running errands and transportation.

    mechanic 200x200I am a Mechanic Mannie

    As a Mechanic Mannie, I understand the struggles and inconveniences of having to drop a car at the dealership or auto shop for repairs. I make the process much easier by coming to your house to perform the work you need. In most cases, I handle the repairs right in your driveway or garage.

    music 200x200I am a Music Mannie

    As a Music Mannie, I help students realize their full artistic potential by giving instrumental, theatrical, voice and/or art lessons. Lessons may be provided in your home or in a studio setting.

    pets 200x200I am a Pet Mannie

    As a Pet Mannie, I understand most people treat their pets as members of the family. Whether dog-sitting, walks in the park, obedience training or grooming services, I pledge to take good care of your pets. In some instances, I may provide additional services for more exotic animals.

    project 200x200I am a Project Mannie

    As a Project Mannie, I am able to handle household projects with ease and professionalism. Whether you need a room repainted, a new light fixture installed, or have a complete remodel you’re finally ready to tackle, I may work alone or bring in specialists. I may also provide landscaping and lawn maintenance services. I will provide you a quote keeping your budget in mind.

    care 200x200I am a Care Mannie

    As a Senior Care Mannie, with compassion and professionalism, I assist seniors in maintaining their independence at home. I provide a variety of services: meal preparation, running errands, feeding, cooking, bathing, shopping and companionship.

    sports 200x200I am a Sports Mannie

    As a Sports Mannie, I provide individual or group training for children or adults that is tailored to your fitness goals.   I offer personal training and/or coaching for a particular sport or to enhance one’s overall health and well being.

    tech 200x200I am a Tech Mannie

    As a Tech Mannie, I have the expertise to address your technological needs. My skills and services include: web development, mobile/tablet/desktop training, establishing a network between devices within your home, social media marketing, trouble shooting tech issues, home security and home theater installations.

    tutor 200x200I am a Tutor Mannie

    As a Tutor Mannie, I help students gain an edge in their learning. Tutoring fosters confidence, organization and discipline. I also provide home assistance and test preparation. I offer tutoring in various subjects: mathematics, reading, writing, science and language.

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