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    Background Screenings

    How It Works

    Background Screenings assist in further validating the credentials of mannies who are being hired and may increase hiring opportunities. does not pre-screen any candidate for hire. Background screening may be initiated by the service providers (mannies) or by the families seeking to hire mannies.

    When a mannie orders his own background screening, his account profile page will indicate that a background screening has been completed and that he has passed the Basic level background screening. If the mannie does not pass this background screening, his profile will be removed from the website. Due to the tremendous limitations on the Basic level screening, we strongly recommend that families supplement the Basic level with a Premium level screening and DMV, if the families deem it necessary.

    If the mannie has not ordered his own Basic screening, we strongly recommend that families run the Basic level, together with a Premium level and DMV search, where it is necessary.

    While background checks are an important step in hiring a mannie, background screenings are not fool proof. It is important to note that background checks are not 100% accurate and may not disclose a candidate’s full criminal history. So, while background checks may be helpful and discover potential red flags, they are not always accurate and should not be relied upon to determine a candidate’s complete criminal history.

    If a mannie provides incorrect information, the check may be run with inaccurate identifying data, and consequently impact the validity of the criminal results. In addition, there is human and electronic error that may result in inaccurate reporting.

    Read below for the differences between Basic Level, Premium Level and DMV.

    Background Screening Levels

    Basic 200x74The Basic Level screening consists of a Social Security number trace, county criminal search, and national sex offender registry search.



    Premium 200x74The Premium Level adds to the basic level search a multi-state criminal database search, a federal criminal database search and an Alias search up to three names, based on the SSN trace.



    DMV 200x74The DMV search is recommended for families who may hire a service provider to drive for the family; picking up and taking kids to activities, shopping, deliveries, etc.

    Background Screening Details

    All background screening are run by TalentWise, an industry-leading background screening service. Criminal record information searched and reported varies by jurisdiction and not all records are publicly available due to variations in state laws and state and county reporting systems. Records not available to TalentWise or not allowed to be reported by law are not included in results. Juvenile records and records for minors may also not be publicly available and, therefore, will not be included in results. TalentWise will only report publicly available records and will not report convictions, deferred adjudications or pending court cases concealed by state and federal reporting restrictions. Dismissed cases, arrests not resulting in convictions, arrests or convictions from foreign countries and nolle pros will not be reported.

    Below you can click each screening category to read additional details.

    Social Security Number Trace

    The SSN Trace compares the provided Social Security Number to credit header and public records data. The trace may locate possible alternative names or addresses associated with the SSN for the purpose of performing additional searches. The SSN Trace is not conducted through the Social Security Administration and should not be used as the basis for any employment decision or confirmation of identity.

    County Criminal Search

    (7-Year Address History) — Criminal record search based on the last 7 years of the candidate’s address history as derived by the SSN trace results. The central court search reveals felony and misdemeanor convictions and pending cases within the past 7 or 10 years, subject to applicable reporting limitations. This search is upgraded to a statewide search, rather than a county search, for a limited set of states. The upgrade to a statewide search can be selected as an option for Georgia. Florida (FDLE) and Georgia statewide results may require additional county court verification.

    National Sex Offender Registry

    The Nationwide Sex Offender Registry Search is a nationwide search against state sex offender registries covering 49 states excluding Nevada, which is prohibited by state law, and including the District of Columbia and US territories. This search will provide photos of the offenders when available.

    Multi-State Criminal Database Search

    The Multi-State Criminal Database is a compilation of criminal records from over 43 states (sources include Departments of Corrections, Administrative Offices of the Courts, and counties directly). Prior to reporting, TalentWise verifies possible felony and misdemeanor convictions and pending cases within the past 7 or 10 years against central court records to ensure the accuracy and completeness of potentially adverse information, subject to applicable reporting limitations. 

    Federal Criminal Search

    Statewide Federal criminal record search based on the last 7 years of the candidates address history as derived by the SSN trace results. The U.S. District Court search reveals convictions and pending cases within the past 7 or 10 years, subject to applicable reporting limitations.

    Alias Name Search

    This will search up to three names, based on the SSN trace, where the first name is identical to the primary name searched but the last name is distinctively different from the last name of the primary name searched. Apparently misspelled last name variations will be excluded from the search.

    DMV Driving Records

    50 States Plus D.C. & Puerto Rico Coverage — Candidates Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) state driving records, including all license classes. Available information varies by state and is subject to applicable reporting limitations.

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