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    Jun 20 th, 2018
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    Masculine Men Avoid Gender Stereotyping and They Do Laundry

    Domestic-MannieHousework is for sissies. At least that is what some men think when they do what might be considered woman’s work.

    But it doesn’t have to be this way. It shouldn’t be this way.

    When men do work normally ascribed to the opposite sex, we all benefit. Just ask any woman if they think a guy helping around the house is a wimp or hero and she’ll say he is the latter and a sexy one too!

    Studies Show Men Do More than They Used to

    In 2005, a University of Michigan’s Institute for Social Research study found that men did six hours more housework than they did in 1976 (six hours compared to 13 hours every week). The same study found that women did nine hours less housework in 2005 than in 1976 (26 hours compared to 17 hours every week). This is a great improvement and proof that traditional masculine roles are moving to the wayside, but there’s still a ways to go.

    Reasons Why Men Should Quit Being Sissies and Start Doing More Housework

    1. According to the Department of Labor, 74% of women work full time. Face it guys, if you and your partner both work outside the home, then isn’t it fair that both of you work inside the home equally?
    2. Get a workout. Housework can be hard work. Carry a vacuum up and down the stairs a few times and scrub the shower using elbow grease to see what we mean.
    3. It’s only fair. You wore the clothes; you dropped the crumbs on the couch; you throw trash in the garbage can. Pick up after yourself like a real man should.
    4. Be a role model. Your children watch your every move. Show them that confident men have no problem doing housework and caring for the kids like mom does. Studies show that children who do housework alongside dad are more likely to adopt family values and democratic values.
    5. You might get lucky. If your partner comes home after a long day at work and then spends four hours making dinner, cleaning up and caring for the kids, do you think she’ll be interested in intimacy? It’s doubtful. Help out with the dinner and the kids to increase your chances of alone time with your mate.

    An Alternative: Outsourcing

    If work schedules and social schedules make it tough for everyone in the house to get the job done and you have room in your budget, then consider hiring a Mannie to do housework. When you factor in the benefits of having clean towels when you need them and clean coffee cups when you reach for them, it will be worth the expense.



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