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    Helpful Tips for Safe Hires

    Remember, when hiring, you are in control. So, whether screening applications or preparing interviews, here are some helpful tips to guide you through the hiring process.

    1 — Read reviews

    Read the reviews other customers have posted on the mannies you are considering hiring. Customer reviews are about the most solid endorsement you can obtain.

    2 — Check references, credentials, backgrounds

    Check credentials and references provided by the mannies, and decide whether to conduct your own background screening. If references and credentials are not provided, then you may request them from the mannie you are considering. A mannie without references and credentials is a flag and you may need to consider others.

    3 — Be careful

    There is a competitive element among the mannies. However, you should be careful if a mannie severely underbids a project you have posted. Competitive elements should be based more on the quality of services, experience, and customer reviews.

    4 — Conduct online & social media searches

    Research online profiles of service providers to assure they are who they say. Review social media pages and review the interaction they have within their own social circles. Some people block their online account information for privacy reasons, so expect this to happen at times.

    5 — Conduct interviews

    Don’t be shy about contacting the mannies you are considering for a telephone or in-person interview. They should be more than willing to accommodate such requests.

    6 — Use your best judgment

    There is risk associated with any hire you make, regardless if it is through Mannies, another web site, or a neighbor’s referral. So, take your time in choosing the right mannie for the job.

    7 — Obtain copies of the service provider’s ID

    Request copies of the drivers license, social security card, and possibly a utility bill to keep on file while the service provider is employed.

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