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    Apr 2 nd, 2018
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    Seven Must-Have Tools for Every Home

    Household-ToolsYou probably have a screwdriver, hammer and several wrenches, all of which are good-to-have tools. But do you have the other seven essential tools? To make sure your toolbox is complete (and to make sure you don’t have to knock on your neighbor’s door the next time you take on a project) take a trip to the hardware store and pick up these essential tools.

    Safety Equipment – So many accidents happen out of the lack of safety precaution measures. Make it a priority to assemble basic safety equipment for your home. Start with eye protection, knee and elbow pads, gloves and dust masks.

    Tape Measure – Maybe your feet are exactly twelve inches long, but why chance it? When you put down a rug, calculate the dimensions of a door frame or measure the inside of your child’s closest, a tape measure is essential. Most hardware stores sell basic 25-foot measures for under $10.

    Torpedo Level – A torpedo level is the only way to make sure a door is plumbed correctly. Standard models make use of a glass vial or bubble to ensure evenness, but some newer models use a laser, which can be had for $30.

    Wire Cutter – You may not work directly with electricity, but chances are you will have a cable or wire to cut at some point in time. Before cutting, make sure that your wire cutter is “live wire” approved, which means it has OSHA certified rubber handles.

    Closet Auger –Toilets often suffer from clogs that no amount of Draino will free. For about $20 you can invest in an auger, which is a three-foot long wiry plumbing tool with a crank and flexible shaft.

    5-in-1 Painter’s Tool – It slices and dices and even cuts your hair! Well, not really. But a 5-in-1 painter’s tool will scrape paint, fill cracks and act as a putty knife. Best of all, this tool will fit right in your pocket.

    Adjustable Pipe Wrench – This wrench has a serrated mouth that helps to grip pipes. With two jaws, one is fixed and the other moves by turning a thumb screw, you can easily maneuver the device and twist off nuts and bolts with ease.

    Buy all seven of these items and your total cost should be between $100-125. Not only will you be equipped to do some of your own DIY projects, but you’ll have all the essentials your handy Mannie may need when he swings by to fix something for you.

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