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    Aug 1 st, 2018
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    What a House Manager Does and Why You Want One

    Man-IroningPut simply, a house manager saves you time. Regardless of the size of your house or the number of people living in your home, a house manager will do all the tasks you would do if you didn’t work, parent your children, exercise, socialize or sleep.

    A house manager ensures that you get to focus on your career and your family without losing your sanity. Here at Mannies, we say you if you work, then you need one!

    What a House Manager Does

    Defining the role of a house manager is not necessarily clean cut. A house manager could have housekeeping responsibilities. He or she could be responsible for running your errands or maintaining your yard. Sure, a housekeeper, personal assistant or landscaper could also do these tasks, but a house manager oversees them all. In other words, a house manager looks at everything that goes into maintaining your home and takes on the entire responsibility, whether he does it himself or manages those that do.

    Common house manager responsibilities include:

    • Hiring and managing household staff and contractors
    • Staying on top of household and vehicle maintenance and upkeep
    • Completing special projects or delegating the work (anything from organizing the garage to doing the holiday shopping)
    • Keeping track of and managing the family’s calendar
    • Travel planning
    • Organizing parties and special events
    • Book keeping and accounting tasks by monitoring the household budget, keeping receipts, balancing the checkbook, etc.

    Why You Want a House Manager

    We already mentioned that you’ll want a house manager if you value your sanity, but you may also want one if you value your free time. House managers free you up to enjoy your time off and to spend more time with your loved ones.

    Search Mannies to find an experienced house manager in your area. Keep in mind that not all house managers call themselves house managers. Keep your eyes open for Mannies who also call themselves estate managers, personal assistants or resident managers.

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